Charles Bolfrass claims Muse stole his rock opera ideas
Catherine Elliott

11:01 11th September 2012

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Songwriter Charles Bolfrass has filed a lawsuit against both the 'Supermassive Black Hole' stars Muse band and their record label Warner Music. They are facing a hefty fee of $3.5 million, which equates to £2.2 million.

The tracks under scrutiny are ‘Exogenesis I’, ‘Exogenesis II’ and ‘Exogenesis III’, all of which are from Muse’s 2009 album The Resistance.   

Bolfrass claims that he had contacted the band along with two others back in 2005, with the idea to write a futuristic rock type opera concerning space travel, and Armageddon like ideas.  He claims that the ideas he had put forward were also titled ‘Exogenesis'.

The lawsuit was filed in a federal court in Manhattan last week according to Courthouse News. Bolfrass also claims that Muse had rejected his ideas, but then still went ahead and passed his work and ideas of as their own four years later.

The Devon trio have also been accused of copying the entire image and cover art of The Resistance from Balfrass’s storyboards of his rock opera. Warner Music is being sued for copyright infringement, unfair trade practises and unfair competition.


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