For being fakes...
Scott Colothan

11:24 6th September 2005

Ian BrownIan Brown has hit out at Kasabian because they apparently hide their posh roots in favour of being working-class.

The Stone Roses legend also sensationally hit out at their dress code saying the Leicester lads are just trying to mimic the baggy era.

He said: "They're like a tribute band to the worst baggy bands. It's like they've watched all these videos and are trying to recreate that era - but it's not real.

"They're nice guys, but that is all they are - nice, middle class guys.”

He continued to the NME: “They're feigning this stance of being working-class rebels from the north - when they're from the Midlands."

We can’t wait for the Kasabian backlash already!

Photo by: Shirlaine Forrest

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