A bigger ball and tights adds to artwork
Edward Keeble

09:30 23rd January 2014

China has finally lifted it's ban on Lady Gaga, with the star's ARTPOP album finally seeing a release - albeit a heavily censored version.

The chinese version of Artpop features numerous alterations, firstly to the cover which has been vaguely sanitised. The ball that covers Lady Gaga's modesty has been enlarged, in order to make it a tiny bit less suggestive. Additionally instead of naked legs, photoshop experts have slapped a pair of tights on the singer. Secondly the title of the hugely suggestive 'Sexxx Dreams' has now been altered to the more family friendly 'X Dreams'.

A week ago Lady Gaga tweeted her excitement about her China ban being lifted, stating that she also wished that she would be able to come to the country to perform.


The ban was initially implemented back in 2011 when the country's minister on culture claimed that Poker Face was corrupting morals and nationalistic identity. He said the single was “Creating confusion in the order of the online music market, and damaging the nation’s cultural security.” Ever since Lady Gaga became pirated material with her albums being illegally distributed amongst fans.

However a representative from Universal music in China said that reports of a ban in the media were grossly overestimated. They told CNN that the album was already "on sale" in the country and that a "ban" really wasn't the best way to describe it.

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