Gives advice to Matt Bellamy in the event of a hostile reception
Andy Morris

15:20 8th April 2015

Sometimes the true character of a man can only be determined when put under extraordinary pressure. In the case of grime pioneer Lethal Bizzle, that moment came on stage in Donington Park in 2008 with bottles raining down on him.

In the same year that Jay Z became the first hip-hop Glastonbury headliner, Lethal Bizzle played the second stage at Download. Even in those difficult days of 'Grindie' in 2008, Bizzle was by far the most controversial act on the bill. There were petitions, message boards full of hate and an open hostility to having him on stage. "No place for Lethal Bizzle...or any such acts to be there" Bizzle tells Gigwise today. "I didn't know that at the time."

Watch Gigwise's interview with Lethal Bizzle above.

He took to the stage after DJ Twister's introduction and the onslaught started. In Bizzle's own words he was pelted by "cups, glasses, bottles, Muller Rice yoghurts". He turned the performance into a triumph through a combination of reverse psychology, classic hip-hop and sheer bravado. "There was no way I was getting off that stage on their terms," says Bizzle.

He also has a few words of advice for Muse who are playing this summer if the crowd does turn hostile. "Don't walk off the stage. Finish your set. Don't let them torment you to make you feel that you have to finish early.... And maybe take some of my tactics: maybe do some reverse psychology and tell them 'Muse is shit' or something. Feed into [the crowd's] ego - and hopefully halfway through you can switch it back round and make them appreciate the talent that [Muse] are. Good luck with that mate!"

Lethal Bizzle this month returns with 'Fester Skank', a true summer anthem in the making that looks set to top even the viral heights of 'Rari Workout'. Released on 12 April on Dench/Virgin EMI Bizzle is also set to play Brownstock, Reading Festival and his own headlining tour in October. For tickets and more information click here.

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