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Jeaniq Amihyia
18:24 3rd January 2018

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Sup, Jeaniq here.

I'm a UK based film director and photographer and teamed up with Gigwise to curate this Drill Playlist.

With artists such as Section Boyz and 67 on the forefront pushing this genre with hard hitting 808 drums and memorable hooks, this is something that rightly deserves more recognition. Big Shaq's 'Mans Not' instrumental was originally used in a song by drill artists 67 and if this isn't an indication of the genres influence on the masses I don't know what is. This playlist pretty much showcases the artists and the songs feel sum up the genre. From the new emerging artists such as Headie, K Trap and 86, to Abra Cadabra, take this as an intro or for some a recap of the UK Drill Scene.

67 - This side
Loski - Money and Beef
Harlem Spartans - Riders
CB - Take that Risk
67 - Waps
LD - Most Wanted
Zone 2 - No Hook
Clue ft Abra Cadabra - Pull Up And Skore
86 - Peng Ting Hello
Section Boyz - Oh My Dayz (YouTube link - not listed on Spotify)
Abra Cadabra - Art of War
K Trap - Paper Plans
Headie One - Golden Boot
Q2T (ICB) - Trust No One (YouTube link - not listed on Spotify) 
K Trap - Wild Thoughts

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