Between acts and crowd...
Daniel Melia

16:35 18th October 2005

A near-riot broke out at a Ghostface concert in Chicago on Friday night after the main event took his time getting on to the stage.

The concert at Chicago’s Joe’s Sports Bar degenerated into a chaotic scene according to reports with bottles being thrown at the audience by performers and vice versa.

According to Pitchfork it all started when the impatient crowd was subjected to more that five hours of support acts and came to a head when new Roc-a-fella act Tru Life came on to perform.

As Tru Life took to the stage surrounded by a five man entourage the audience began to boo him to which he replied with a barrage of abuse.

Picthfork’s Chris Kaskie, who was at the concert, described what happened next: "Tru Life and crew began to empty their water bottles on the crowd, then started throwing them, full and empty. I got drilled right in the face with a full water bottle, and everyone around me was drenched.”

“While this was happening, someone tossed a full water bottle and hit Tru Life directly in the face, knocking him to the ground. The crowd was excited about this, and everyone around us began to throw not water but beer bottles at him while he was down. His crew threw back, and then went to the upstairs balcony overlooking the whole room."

The men then "began having target practice on the crowd below, hitting people in the faces/heads/bodies with bottles. The crowd threw back, and the people upstairs kept hitting the ceiling with bottles, which would then explode and fall on the crowd. There was a rush for the exits, people yelling about guns, etc.”

The police eventually cleared the venue and local hospitals later reported that four people were treated and released although Kaskie, whose friend needed several staples in his head, estimated that there were far more people hurt than that.

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