'The Girl from the DDR' will be the first release from Come Play With Me
Will Butler

14:25 8th September 2015

Cinerama has premiered a live track called 'The Girl From The DDR', here on Gigwise first. Check it out below. 

The track marks the first release from a brand new Leeds based singles club, Come Play With Me. The label will be releasing split 7" that aims to showcase the best of Leeds music with beautifully designed and sounding records.

The first split single is set for release on 6 November and will feature this new Cinerama track and a single entitled 'National Anthem of Nowhere' from Harkin.

This version of 'The Girl From The DDR' was recorded at a special concert at the O2 Academy, Islington last June. Cinerama performed with a string section and additional instrumentation to make for their most captivating and enrapturing performance ever recorded.

Listen to 'The Girl from the DDR' below 

Speaking about working with Come Play With Me, frontman David Gedge said: "Having been born in Leeds the city is always going to have a special place in my heart even without its rich musical heritage."

He continued: "When Cinerama were invited to contribute to the singles club I was keen to be involved, especially since we’re going to be on the first release. If I’m honest it’s also very flattering that the club is named after one of The Wedding Present's ‘Hit Parade’ singles, even though I stole the title myself from a 70s soft porn film"

There will be a special launch event at Sheaf Street Studios in Leeds on Thursday 24 September, featuring a stripped down set from David Gedge and Sam Beer-Pearce. For tickets and information, visit here

For more information on the Come Play With Me Singles club:


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