'I saw you slam your head back against the wall'
Alexandra Pollard

11:31 23rd November 2015

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Bad news if you've spent up to $10,000 on Demi Lovato meet & greet tickets - you probably can't be confident that she'll even say hello to you. A (former?) Demi Lovato fan's Instagram post has gone viral after he criticised the 'Cool For The Summer' singer for "not looking us in the eye, asking our names, or saying two words to us."

Lovato is currently on tour across the US with Nick Jonas, and ticket packages include the option of a meet & greet with the singer. The cheapest version of this, which does not include a concert ticket, is $400 - and the most expensive is a staggering $10,000.

You might want to hold off on raiding your piggy bank though - Josh Helfgott posted the below photos to Instagram, and though it looks like they're all having a whale of a time, the caption that accompanied it told a different story.


A photo posted by Josh Helfgott (@joshhelfgott) on

Thanks for taking the time to meet me and my friend Carissa in Seattle.

Thanks for not looking us in the eye, asking our names, or saying two words to us. Thank your team for forcing the 15 year old girl, who traveled alone to meet you, to squeeze on the side of another group’s picture. And thanks for keeping your jacket on for photos while your team collected the wet jackets of fans who waited in the rain to meet you.

Sorry I am being passive aggressive. I’m angry. I’m angry because I assumed you were in a big hurry - that’s the only reason you would pay no attention to all of your fans, even though we all spent a lot of time waiting to meet you. I even flew across the country.

You had to be in a hurry, scrunching 200 fans into 15 minutes. There’s no way, I figured. But as I walked out of the room, I saw you slam your head back against the wall in relief - we were your last picture. Meeting your fans was over. You didn’t run out - you stood there.

This isn’t my first meet and greet. I’ve waited in the rain and snow many times for rushed moments and quick pictures.

Kelly Clarkson’s was rushed, same style as yours - run us through a line for photos - but she asked for our names and even asked to wear my “Work Bitch” (Britney!) hat in the photo. It took 5 seconds, I was happy.

Britney Spears did group photos, same as you. She even surprised us with that fact, same as you. But when my group went in to meet her, it wasn’t a photo. It was a meeting. She spent 10 minutes with our group, she heard all our stories, told us her own, and gave us M&Ms.

And I’m not even going to bring up Taylor Swift because that’s going to take us into unrealistic territory,

People have bad days, but you didn’t seem to be having one. It’s not fair for me to say. You could’ve been tired. I know I was.

As I watched you perform about two hours later at the radio station’s concert, I felt angry at myself. You were in a great mood - greeting the crowd, covering Adele’s new song, and thanking radio for playing your songs.

I just wanted you to thank your fans.



Lovato is yet to comment on the story, which has gone viral.

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