He may have new hair, but he's still not cool enough for everyone
Alexandra Pollard

10:20 22nd December 2015

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With the unironic success of new songs such as 'What Do You Mean' and 'Love Yourself' in 2015, Justin Bieber has seen his fanbase grow in both size and range. It seems he's got a way to go before all of his fans are out and proud Beliebers though.

According to new research published by Ticketbis, 21% of his fans would not publicly admit to liking him. They've even broken it into regional areas - Southampton is home to the biggest percentage of closet Bieber fans, with 33% not willing to reveal their fandom.

So, although the 18-30 age group is the biggest growing group of Beliebers in the UK, with 10% liking him more than two years ago, he's going to have to work harder to become completely credible in the eyes of certain music purists.

See the top UK cities for secret Beliebers below.

Southampton (33%)
Norwich (28%)
Edinburgh (28%)
Newcastle (27%)
Glasgow (24%)
Birmingham (23%)
Leeds (22%)
Nottingham (21%)
Manchester (20%)
Liverpool (19%)

If you are a Justin Bieber fan - secret or otherwise - he's coming to the UK in October, so you can put on dark glasses and go and see him live. See Justin Bieber's UK tour dates below. For tickets and more information, visit here.

Tue October 11 2016 - LONDON O2 Arena
Wed October 12 2016 - LONDON O2 Arena
Fri October 14 2016 - LONDON O2 Arena
Sat October 15 2016 - LONDON O2 Arena
Mon October 17 2016 - BIRMINGHAM Barclaycard Arena
Tue October 18 2016 - BIRMINGHAM Barclaycard Arena
Thu October 20 2016 - MANCHESTER Arena
Fri October 21 2016 - MANCHESTER Arena
Sun October 23 2016 - MANCHESTER Arena
Mon October 24 2016 - BIRMINGHAM Genting Arena
Wed October 26 2016 - SHEFFIELD Arena
Thu October 27 2016 - GLASGOW SSE Hydro
Sat October 29 2016 - GLASGOW SSE Hydro
Sun October 30 2016 - GLASGOW SSE Hydro
Tue November 01 2016 - DUBLIN 3Arena
Wed November 02 2016 - DUBLIN 3Arena
Mon November 28 2016 - LONDON O2 Arena


  • 2007 - Youtube Sensation: Out of a sleepy town in Ontario, a young man called Justin Bieber took to the streets to perform acoustic tunes for the entertainment of passing locals. This then escalated to recording these songs on an early video platform called YouTube. Within a few months Bieber is picked up by an A&R and his chilling in Atlanta with Usher and a freshly signed contract to Island. Things are looking good for the singing prodigy.

  • 2009 - My World: Two years pass and Biebs has his first studio album which breaks the Billboard charts, goes platinum and gives teenage girls worldwide a reason to live again. Other successes include gradually developing a jawline and losing his puppy-fat - success is right around the corner.

  • 2010 - 'Baby' and World Tour: This is when Bieber's golden streak started to slow down. Despite releasing another platinum album and heading out on a world tour, Teenage angst and paparazzi pressure gets under the wonderboy's skin. Between tweeting out the details of a rival teen in Detroit to his millions of followers and hiring an official 'Swagger Coach', 'Baby' became the most disliked video in YouTube history.

  • 2011 - Silver Screens and Parenthood tests: What's amazing about Bieber's Never Say Never film debut isn't the amount of money it made and how many records it broke but rather how its hype managed to cover up Bieber's misdemeanours of the year. A few examples of these crimes include having to take a parenthood test to disclaim ownership of a 3-month old and remixing 'Little Drummer Boy' with Busta Rhymes.

  • 2012 - Bieber starts to nosedive: 18 is a difficult age for anyone but especially someone who has the world's eyes glued to his every movement. His relationship with Selena Gomez starts to take a turn for the worse and he reacts like any 18 year old would - by hazardously gunning his Lambo at 80mph in front of the police and bitching about not getting a Grammy nomination to Ellen.

  • 2013 - Rock Bottom: Oh how the mighty have fallen, 2013 brought bad news story after bad news story for the tween idol. Announcing his retirement and immediately backtracking, assaulting his tour manager, bad mouthing Bill Clinton and magnifying his grandiose sense of self-worth in Anne Frank's house. Oh, and trying to start a fight with a UK paparazzi about three times his size.

  • 2014 - His public image goes subterranean: Plummeting into the Mariana Trench of public perception, Bieber continues to aim for a playboy lifestyle and continuously misses the mark. The once innocent singer has now promoted himself to international menace with a criminal record for drag racing, resisting arrest and driving under the influence. Obviously off the rails, the world turns its back on Justin Bieber.

  • 2015 - The Comeback kid: We're not sure how it happened, or when exactly, but Justin Bieber, within 12 months, has resurrected his credibility. After a 5 year slumber, Bieber is back doing what he does best: writing banging pop tunes. Apologising about 20 times on separate Ellen appearances, Bieber has patchworked together an image as an 'alright guy' - it helps being besties with James Corden. His heart seems to be back in the music, and if it stays there, we might just be able to shake off all the bad years.

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