And aim for Led Zeppelin...
Chris Taylor

12:29 21st October 2006

Kaiser Chiefs have completed recording for their new album, which they plan to release early next year.

The Leeds five-piece have recorded 22 songs at Oxfordshire’s Hook End Studios, and are in the process of picking out the 13 or 14 which will make the final album.

 As ever, the band are harbouring big ambitions, with drummer Nick Hodgson telling Billboard the group are aiming to match Led Zeppelin sales figures.

 He says, “We were looking at some sales figures of Led Zeppelin. The first one did 8 million in the U.S. alone. The fourth? 23 million! So we're like, 'Yeah! It'd be great to do that, wouldn't it? It'd be great to play massive gigs in America.' Hold on a minute! We've got to sell a hundred million records. If we keep making 'em and you keep buying 'em then we'll get there.”

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