Singer hits back at Girl Aloud
Chris Taylor

11:40 19th May 2007

Lily Allen has hit back at Cheryl Tweedy in the latest instalment of the pair’s bitter feud.

Allen has criticises the Girls Aloud star for criticising her appearance, slamming Cheryl’s own music and WAG status.

She tells the Daily Mirror, "I'm just an artist trying to write and sing songs, and get on with my life, and she's attacking me for the way I look! Thank you very much for that.

“All she does is sing songs that aren't hers and do some sexy dance moves, and marry someone rich.”

Lily also got her own back on Cheryl’s for saying she would never tour Arena-sized venue, like Girls Aloud are currently doing.

She says, “I played twice at Wembley Arena last year and I'm playing Wembley Stadium in a couple of months.

"I'm over here in America where I've sold more than 500,000 albums. I wonder when Girls Aloud last came over here to promote an album?

"I don't think anyone has even heard of them over here."

So the feud rumbles on, but Lily improbably claims she’s now ready to rise above the brickbats.

"If she comes out and slags me off again I'm not going to retaliate. I haven't got time," she says.

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Photo: Solar Pix