Lucy Harbron
13:40 7th September 2022

The devil works hard but King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard truly work harder. Not content with already releasing two albums so far this year, the band have just announced THREE albums to be released in October. Yes, three. All in one month.

Only recently releasing a mammoth double album, the band seem unstoppable. Moving away from solid psychedelic song and dedicating themselves to jam culture, the three albums were totally improvised. Created and recorded in the moment, the instrumentals from these spontaneous sessions were the basis for all the songs. Adding flutes, organs, extra guitars and lyrics - it sounds like there’s way more chaos to come. 

Switching up their process in a radical way, it seems only right that they’d toss the release rule book out of the window and go ham. Why release an album every couple of years if you have enough material for three in one month? 

Sharing the first taste of album one, the first single of the busy month to come is here. The 10 minute long ‘Ice V’ offers an insight into this new process as an instrumental-led track built around repetitious session creations and almost jazzy additions. As the kind of thing you’d hear at an East London jam night, the music students are going to go wild over this. 

Keeping their fans well and truly fed, the plan is as follows: Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms And Lava arrives October 7th. Followed by Laminated Denim dropping on October 12th and Changes on October 28th. If you’re a King Gizzard fan, I’d maybe book in some annual leave, sounds like you’re going to need the time.

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Photo: Press