Gritted teeth sarcasm
11:15 27th September 2022

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Every now and then, a song comes through the speaker and is an instant soundtrack. The kind of song that would blast out during your new favourite film, Shelf Lives is exactly that. Full of gritted teeth, sarcastic rage - dance the anger out.

As the first release since their mini-album Yes, Offence, the Shelf Life sound remains in tact but has had a little polish. Stepping further into a dance element, creating a rock banger that would get a party moving, ‘Skirts & Salads’ is a relentless, 1am track.

Taking hits at gender stereotypes while reclaiming all the best bits for ourselves, it’s simultaneously a take down and a celebration of femininity. “It's written and delivered in a tongue in cheek manner and we thought it would be interesting incorporating chauvinistic language but using it to our advantage in a way; referring specifically to the line "I like/want my girls like that”, Sabrina said, “we are highlighting how annoying it is, as well as how deeply rooted these ideas and language are in our society and....sub-consciousness."

Referencing an eclectic playlist of Vegyn, Deftones, Aphex Twin and Turnstile - it seems like the Shelf Lives sound is about to get weird.

Skirts & Salads is out now 

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Photo: Derek Bremner