Over claims he's an al-Qaeda target...
Scott Colothan

15:34 17th July 2007

Bobby Brown says that he fears for his life after being told by a writer that he was a target of Osama Bin Laden.

Sudanese writer Kola Boof had previously written that Brown was a target for the al-Qaeda leader, because of Bin Laden’s apparent infatuation with his estranged wife Whitney Houston.

In an interview with an Australian radio show, Brown says that the claims have struck fear in his heart. He said: “Come on, if anyone is threatened by al-Qaeda they’d take it seriously.

“I figure if Bin Laden wants me, and everybody is looking for him, it won’t happen. But if he wants to try and find me for something so stupid, then he can if he wants. I have to leave it in the hands of a higher power.”

Brown has admitted to stepping up security measures since the claims were made.

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