And blasts Stooges biopics...
Daniel Melia

11:45 20th July 2007

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Iggy Pop has apologised for using the word ‘Paki’ during an interview at Glastonbury fore the BBC.

The Stooges front man caused controversy after talking about ‘paki shops’ during a tale about his experiences of Camden.

At the time the BBC were forced to issue an apology to viewers after complaints that the presenters at the time did not immediately apologise about the use of the word.

Speaking to the NME the singer said: “I’m sorry. It was one in the morning (when I said it)…that was a phrase I learned from English people while I was living there.

“But it’s terrible. More fool me. Shame on me.”

During the interview, which came after the Stooges had performed at Benicassim, Pop also hit out at the two current biopics being made about the band.

He said: “At the moment neither of them have my permission to be made. Frankly I wish they’d both fuck off and leave their biopics.”

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