Everything we've wished for and more
Nicole Otero
12:00 5th September 2022

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If there’s one thing that’s absolutely nerve-racking, it's putting out your debut album. From anticipation to zeitgeist, every detail matters. Making incredibly good music is still the key, but managing to create enough hype is just as important, and very few people accomplish both as successfully as FLETCHER has. The Jersey-bred international pop sensation had a chokehold on us the second she sang “… at five in the morning, I would un-fuck you…” in 2019. Since then she’s been endlessly edging us ahead of her first album Girl Of My Dreams — and we’ve certainly liked “the way it stings”. 

The new record is everything we have wished for and more. It super serves all the hard core fans while pulling in new, younger ones. FLETCHER really has accomplished pop-punk brilliancy in this exhilarating and hypnotising project that gives pure chaotic Pisces vibes. Diving into past relationships in the most honest way possible while unpacking all the feels and facing her insecurities to get to the place where she can finally say “I love you bitch” in the mirror. We’re really getting the “Better Version” of FLETCHER here. 

With name dropping and explicit deets at every turn, this album is full of “flame-emoji-wow!” moments guaranteed to become iconic live staples. To top it all up, an unexpected sample of her critically-acclaimed “… if you’re gonna lie…” is going to blow everyone’s minds in wildly euphoric and cathartic anthem 'Guess We Lied…'. From 'Becky’s so Hot' to 'Serial Heartbreaker' to 'Holiday', every track in 'Girl Of My Dreams' is meant to be shouted at the top of your lungs as FLETCHER solidifies her position as more than just a queer artist. With this self-liberation and self-love manifesto, she’s bringing WLW pop to the mainstream as the international pop icon she was born to be. 

Girl Of My Dreams arrives 16 September via EMI/Capitol Records.

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