A thoroughly uplifting listening experience
Gavin Brown
13:39 14th September 2022

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The Beths have been making waves in their native New Zealand for a while now but it seems that their music is further gaining a lot of momentum across the world. From an extremely well-received and sold out tour here in the UK earlier this year to plaudits from Phoebe Bridgers (stating that that the band bring her “unbridled joy”), it seems that The Beths are destined for even bigger things.

The band's third album Expert In A Dying Field will no doubt cement that as it shows the band at their utter best with sublime harmonies, pop sensibilities and anthemic joy all wrapped up in perfectly catchy songs.

From the opening jubilation of the album's title track right through to the perfect closing number that is the dreamlike '12-2am', this is a musical journey that takes you on a constant high.

From the high octane fun of 'Silence Is Golden' through the joyous twang of 'I Want To Listen' and the jaunty 'When You Know You Know' and laidback charm of 'Change In The Weather' to name a few, this is such a thoroughly uplifting listening experience. Other songs such as the blissful 'A Passing Rain' and the album's closing track offer up different vibes and this only adds to the appeal of the record

The vocals of Elizabeth Stokes are perfectly presented here: her voice soars adding a sunny feel to proceedings. and as they float over the band's brilliant melodies, it transfixes itself pleasantly in your brain, warming the soul with every note. The lyrics in the songs and what they are about don’t always marry themselves to such sunny dispositions but this is just part of the charm of The Beths — and this juxtaposition works greatly in the bands favour. 

Expert In A Dying Field is the perfect album to say goodbye to the summer to for a number of reasons. But on the flipside, it also has the enviable position to be the perfect album for the next summer too (and plenty of summers following that). This is a collection of songs that sounds simply timeless, and The Beths fully deserve every accolade they will no doubt receive with this album. 

Expert In A Dying Field arrives 16 September via Carpark Records.

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