Explores love, intimacy + mental health with a gorgeous intensity
Melissa Darragh
11:00 3rd October 2022

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You might recognise Jacob Slater from his old band Dead Pretties, or even from his role as Paul Cook in Danny Boyle’s Pistol, but we’re sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of him under his latest guise: Wunderhorse.

This project sees Slater bring something much more introspective, but every bit as impactful as his previous work. Debut album Cub explores love, intimacy and mental health with a gorgeous intensity. Full of heartache and dark beauty, Cub is a heartfelt listen that’s sure to win you over.

From the opening chords of ‘Butterfly’, Slater draws you in with his hazy vocals and captivating lyricism. Fluctuating between tender shoegaze and bold, almost soulful rock, Cub is an album that brings touching moments of tenderness and vulnerability as well as a striking passion and ferocity. From the deep, brooding ‘Morphine’ to the thundering standout ‘Leader of the Pack’, Slater shows off his range while maintaining a real sense of cohesion across the album.

Cub sees Slater bare his soul, exploring life and relationships with a therapeutic tone. Gritty, bluesy guitars come to the forefront on tracks like ‘The Girl Behind the Glass’ while tracks like ‘Purple’ bring a dreamy nostalgia. Overall, Cub is an impressive debut from an artist who has surpassed all expectations.

Cub arrives 6 October via Communion Records.

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