Impossible not to be enraptured by
Cameron Sinclair Harris
23:10 13th October 2022

The Big Moon have always been one of the most life-affirming bands on the planet; their past two albums have been packed with joyous tunes, and their live shows have made you feel part of the London quartet’s gang. On their third album, Here Is Everything, they cast similar spells. 

As evidenced by the cover art, the album is primarily about frontwoman Jules Jackson’s experiences as a new mother: “I know I’m singing your anthem under my breath” she sings to her child on introductory number ‘2 Lines’, while lead single ‘Wide Eyes’ is a rush of endorphins in musical form; an ode to unconditional love. The album bounces with the same infectious pop energy of their previous album, Walking Like We Do, with ‘Daydreaming’ and ‘Ladye Bay’ sounding like arena-ready anthems despite deeply personal lyrics. 

“I’m scared for everyone I hold dear” Jackson sings on ‘Trouble’, balancing the highs and lows of parenthood in a way that is rarely seen in music. The Big Moon don’t shy away from the darkness, with closer ‘Satellites’ being the lyrical standout of the album, a beautifully vulnerable triumph. Yet, the sentiment that we know and love The Big Moon for never fades away: ‘This Love’ shines in its intimate warmth, and ‘Magic’ is a glowing optimistic disco.

Here Is Everything also stands testament to the camaraderie of the group, their enduring bond producing a piece of art through both pregnancy and a pandemic alike. It is an album that is impossible not to be enraptured by. Another triumph in The Big Moon’s discography.

Here Is Everything is out now

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