We talk to the guitar hero about what the future holds for the metal legends
Andrew Trendell

14:43 19th October 2015

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Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi has spoken out about what to expect from Black Sabbath's final ever tour - when will it hit the UK and have they patched up with drummer Bill Ward?

Watch our video interview with Tony Iommi above

The last time that Gigwise spoke to Black Sabbath was at the Ivor Novello Awards where they were appearing with former drummer Bill Ward - after making with a very public argument with Ozzy Osbourne over "insults and false remarks" as well as an "unsignable contract" to rejoin, before Ozzy replied "what the fuck are you on about?"

Now, speaking to us at the Q Awards, Iommi revealed that there was still very little chance of a full reunion with the sticksman. 

"It was good, it was really nice to see Bill. We do stay in contact," Iommi tells Giwise. "It was a nice warm feeling."

When quizzed on the chances of the band settling their differences to perfom again with Ward on their 'final tour', he replied: "No, to be honest - I don't know if that's going to happen. But who knows? You never know."

And could we see them at Download or Glastonbury in the UK next year? "We will be doing the UK, we can't not do the UK," he replied, remaining fairly tight-lipped. 

As for one final album before they call it a day, Iommi said that "it could happen."

"We've got some tracks that we recorded before with Rick Rubin in LA," he replied. "When we did our last album we made 16 tracks, but we only put eight on the album so there are tracks there that could possibly show their face at some point."

Watch our video interview with Tony Iommi above

Last month, the band announced the first leg of their last shows, dubbed as 'the final tour by the greatest metal band of all time'

  • 50. Cheltenham's Crooks may be the youngest band on this list, but their live show is fantastic, full of passion and never a disappointment. Embarking on a short UK tour in May.

  • 49. Gallows may have evolved from a Watford punk group to becoming a transatlantic punk beast, but their live show has never wavered. They appear at Slam Dunk Festival this month.

  • 48. Mock all you like but Limp Bizkit are always entertaining. Expect a huge crowd when they headline the second stage at Reading & Leeds.

  • 47. Beartooth are Caleb Shomo’s latest project who have torn apart all expectations and have shown Shomo’s potential to be a massive star. They will be on a UK Tour in May, as well as appearing at Slam Dunk, Download and Reading & Leeds festivals.

  • 46. Finch are the legendary post hardcore band due to their debut album %u2018What It Is To Burn%u2019. Currently on their third reunion, they play at Slam Dunk this year.

  • 45. Sleeping With Sirens are the post-hardcore scene darlings who have become a live act which can change your life. Lead singer Kellin Quinn is a superstar in waiting. They are currently finishing a world tour before starting a US Acoustic tour.

  • 44. Chiodos are Craig Owens’ rabble gang who have a reputation for taking apart venues when they play. Highly rated in a live setting, they’re finally back on track as a band in studio too. They are currently recording the follow up to last year's Devil.

  • 43. Coldrain are Japanese rockers who have just finished touring with Papa Roach in the UK, earning themselves rave reviews and legions of new fans.

  • 42. Periphery are the pioneers of the Djent movement, Periphery have become revered as a live act. Currently touring America to promote their latest double album Juggernaut.

  • 41. Bury Tomorrow come from the South Coast. A metal band who have been making a name for themselves for nearly 10 years now, they are as adept at playing the massive festival stages as they are in the tiny clubs, always inciting chaos at either. Catch them at 2000 Trees, Slam Dunk and Reading & Leeds.

  • 40. Bullet For My Valentine hail from Wales and are British metal titans who%u2019re currently gearing up to release their fifth album. Once touted to become as big as Metallica, BFMV are a great live act, never giving less than 100%. UK live dates are expected to be announced soon.

  • 39. Issues are leading the Nu-Metal revival for the 2010s and combine metal with pop/RNB hooks and melodies. In a live setting they%u2019re destructive, bringing chaos wherever they play.

  • 38. Hacktivist fly the British flag for djent rap-metal and they hail from Milton Keynes. Their frequent tours have honed their skills as a live act making them a must see at any festival. They will be playing at 2000 Trees, Properstock and Hevy Festival.

  • 37. Ghost play a brand of doom metal. Formed in Sweden, the band play heavy metal that praises Satan: expect there to be carnage when they play the Pit at Reading & Leeds.

  • 36. The Ghost Inside, from LA, are explosive on stage, always giving a high level of performance. Seemingly on a never-ending tour, it's no surprise that they will be playing Download Festival.

  • 35. A Day To Remember are the self-proclaimed 'heaviest pop-punk band in the world'. ADTR are also one of the most fun bands to catch high: complete with T-shirt cannons and zorbs galore! They are playing Download as a UK festival exclusive on the Main Stage.

  • 34. Trivium are a band who don't need an introduction. A fantastic live act, who have gained rave reviews wherever they play and always are one of the stand out bands at any level of show. They are currently working on their seventh album due for release in 2015.

  • 33. Slaves are bringing back anger to the radio. Playing drums whilst stood up and spitting lyrics, Slaves are a fantastic live proposition. Playing many festivals, their most high profile is a slot on the NME Stage at Reading & Leeds.

  • 32. Cancer Bats are Canadian hardcore punks who are finally getting their due and hitting the bigger venues. Always exciting live, especially with their live cover of Sabotage by The Beastie Boys. Playing The Pit at Reading & Leeds with tour mates While She Sleeps.

  • 31. While She Sleeps are finally starting to realise their potential having always been on the fringes of being an incredible live act. They have just headlined The Forum which was sold out. They will be subheadlining on The Pit at Reading & Leeds for Refused.

  • 30. Architects have the appeal and potential to become one of the UK's next big metal bands. Having just sold out the Roundhouse, they're finally starting to perform to a high standard live to garner the attention they deserve. They headline the Monster Stage at Slam Dunk

  • 29. Every Time I Die play a brand of American metalcore with southern rock influences, and with Keith Buckley at the helm, their live shows are always incredible and unique. They head back to Download Festival this year.

  • 28. letlive. play a variety of genres but in essence are post-hardcore heroes from LA. They currently have one of the most passionate frontmen in the business in Jason Aalon Butler who is magical to watch on stage. They're currently recording their new album.

  • 27. Of Mice & Men hail from Orange County, California and have been a band to watch since their first album. Having released their third last year and headlining Brixton Academy as well as The Pit at Reading 2014, Of Mice & Men are phenomenal to watch live. They are currently touring America.

  • 26. Skindred might be the only Ragga Metal band in existence. Coming from Wales, and armed with the Newport Helicopter, the band are a festival favourite and never disappoint. They're billed as one of the premier acts at Camden Rocks Festival.

  • 25. Marmozets are the most interesting young band in the UK right now. They take every challenge thrown in front of them and smash all expectations especially when it comes to their live shows. They're getting their just rewards by playing the Main Stage at Reading & Leeds festivals.

  • 24. Stone Sour are a hard rock act featuring Corey Taylor from Slipknot. Boasting Taylor in their ranks automatically makes them one of the best live acts in the world, especially with their range of songs. They are currently on hiatus due to Slipknot commitments.

  • 23. Royal Blood are the fastest rising British band of the past 10 years. A phenomenal live act in the smallest or biggest of venues and they are playing some big shows this summer. They will open for the Foo Fighters at Wembley and playing Reading & Leeds.

  • 22. KoRn are the nu-metal godfathers who celebrate their 20th anniversary of their debut album this year. They've always been hailed as being a fantastic live band and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album, they will head to Brixton Academy to play the album in full.

  • 21. Mastodon are the Grammy nominated atmospheric metal who cause carnage at every live show. One of the most unique sounds in metal today, Mastodon have even appeared on Late Night with Jools Holland. They headline The Pit at Reading & Leeds.

  • 20. Faith No More recently released their long-awaited new album after 17 years. They're one of the most recognisable live acts in the world and their shows have become something not to be missed. They will be appearing on the Main stage before Muse at Download this year.

  • 19. Parkway Drive are the premium Australian metalcore band and have always been one of the most revered live acts since their inception. They have the biggest potential to be massive and are going about it the right way. They are playing Download’s Main Stage this year.

  • 18. Avenged Sevenfold have become that American metal band to cross over into the general public knowledge. After overcoming the loss of their chief songwriter and drummer The Rev, A7X have become one the biggest bands currently in the world, bringing pyro and fireworks to their live shows. Having headlined Download last year they are currently writing a new album.

  • 17. Refused are without doubt one of the most seminal bands of the last 20 years. Their third album The Shape of Punk to Come, is one of the most important albums in heavy music and shows the blueprint for so many bands who have come after them. Refused are alive again and will headline The Pit at Reading & Leeds this year.

  • 16. Part of the Nu-Metal movement from the early 2000s, Papa Roach have endured a long career which has seen them release eight albums and become one of the most exciting live acts in the world. With Jacoby Shaddix leading the crowd, P Roach never disappoint. They play a sold out show at the Hippodrome, Kingston in Autumn.

  • 15. The self-proclaimed God Of Fuck himself, Marilyn Manson has enjoyed a career resurgence of late, earning rave reviews for his newest album and his live shows. Manson has hit top form again and will return to the UK this June to headline the second stage at Download.

  • 14. German megastars Rammstein are known for their live shows, incorporating fire, CO2 and spraying the crowd with many different types of liquids which can't be named, through objects in many private shapes. Currently on a hiatus, the band are expected to return next year with a new album and tour.

  • 13. Deftones have had a storied career, experiencing the highs and lows, but what has always been evident is how fantastic their live performance is. Chino Moreno is one of the most consistent frontmen in the business, and with a new album in the pipeline, their headline show at Wembley Arena in November will certainly be one to remember.

  • 12. Celebrating their 40th year as a band, Motorhead are older than the majority of the bands on this list, but that doesn't stop them being any better. Led by the legendary Lemmy, Motorhead have been able to sell out arenas world wide. They'll make an appearance at Glastonbury festival this year.

  • 11. Part of 'The Big Four' of Thrash Metal, Slayer are gearing up to release their 11th album this year, their first since the death of Jeff Hanneman. Being a forefather of thrash metal, their shows are always intense affairs and show expertise as well as talent. A tour cannot be far behind.

  • 10. St. Albans' sons Enter Shikari have been abusing music genres for over 10 years now, and one thing that no one can deny is how good they are live. Shikari take their rightful place on top of the second stage at Download this year.

  • 9. Six consecutive albums hitting number 1 is no mean feat, but when The Prodigy have the stage show they do to back them up, it's no surprise. Selling out arenas and packing out fields worldwide, The Prodigy are a phenomenon. They'll co-headline the Main Stage at Isle of Wight Festival this year.

  • 8. Britain's next big band are also one of the best live acts on the planet. Having toured and grafted to get to the big time, BMTH are on the verge of breaking through to headliner status. Having destroyed Wembley Arena last year, BMTH are heading to Reading & Leeds as special guests.

  • 7. What else can be said about Trent Reznor's project? Dealing in industrial rock, Reznor's group are one of the biggest bands around, almost certainly selling out their tours every single time. Nine Inch Nails are on hiatus at the current time.  

  • 6. Black Sabbath are possibly the most legendary band on this list, and will finally be retiring next year. Sabbath shows are something to behold, as Ozzy Osbourne is still the ringmaster he always has been. A new album and a farewell tour are planned for next year.

  • 5. System of a Down are one of the most important bands in terms of combining heavy music with political themes. System have grown a reputation of being a unique live act, selling out arenas worldwide, and have finally become a festival headliner. A new album has long been rumoured and 2016 looks like the year it could finally happen. 

  • 4. Linkin Park are the biggest band of the 2000s. There is no denial about that. They're also one of the fastest growing bands in history, headlining major arenas during their first album tour cycle. LP have become a leviathan of a live act, able to fill any venue size and always putting on live show to behold no matter where they are.

  • 3. Iron Maiden have become one of the most iconic bands in history. With the many iterations of Eddie their mascot, Maiden have become a touring machine, always playing shows worldwide and with Bruce Dickinson leading the band, every show is unique. Thankfully Dickinson has recovered from his cancer battle so a new tour may be in the offing.

  • 2. Easily the biggest band on this list, yet they're at number 2?! Metallica are no longer a band, but a brand. Cementing their status as one of the world's premier bands, last year they created a Glastonbury moment for the ages. They return to the UK this year to headline Reading & Leeds Festivals for the first time since 2008.

  • 1. Slipknot are without doubt one of the best live acts in music today. When they first started in 1999, they were unable to get support slots because no one wanted to be out-showed by them. They've gone from strength to strength, and even through losing two key members, they're still one of the most captivating live bands around. Slipknot return to headline Download again this year.

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