The Sex Pistols legend also names other all time favourites and remembers the shock of his friend Lemmy's death
Cai Trefor

10:35 20th December 2016

John Lydon has unveiled his love of the seminal classic rock trio Cream and stated his love for their live performance at the Royal Albert Hall that was filmed for the BBC and is still available to watch online. You can view what influenced The Sex Pistols and PiL star below.

In an interview with Drowned In Sound he said: "I always love the live at The Albert Hall, god that was a stunning gig. I remember seeing it when I was young on black and white TV, thinking 'whey!'

Speaking about working with The Cream drummer on the PiL record, Album, he said: "He never laid off anything including a drum kit. He beats life to death that man. Fantastic.

"Working with him was hilarious because he had such a bad reputation for being  crazy man and I really liked him. I found him very easy to get on with. We come from sort of the same part of London, we both come from similar backgrounds. He's got no arty pretention. He just gets in there and destroys drum kits. Fantastic.

Of other bands he was drawn to growing up he said "Status Quo I always loved. What they've done with three notes is brilliant. It's so powerfully warming and they loved dancing and. I just love that."

"Then there's Hawkwind, 'let your hair out man, the LSD's good around here'. I loved that," he added.

With Hawkind being his friend Lemmy's band, he became slightly choked up and unselttled in the interview. "I knew him very well. As the years go by you drift apart," he said. "It became rather sad towards the end. I didn't know he was ill, I just thought he was being stand-offish. It can happen, mis-interpret then the next thing you know the bloke's a gonner. It's like all death, it really upsets me."


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Photo: Wenn