An alleged video emerges of the Kiss star...
Scott Colothan

10:23 20th February 2008

If you’ve bedded nearly 5,000 women, like Gene Simmons claims, the chances of probability mean that a sex tape is bound to emerge eventually.

Lo and behold, yesterday a video emerged which reportedly shows the Kiss frontman on the job with a young blonde woman.

According to AVN, the woman in question is an Austrian called Elsa who is the ‘spokesmodel’ for an energy drink. The pair allegedly hooked up when Gene was drafted in to promote the said drink.

Clearly quite worried about exposing his belly to Elsa, the man who bares an uncanny resemblance to Gene keeps his T Shirt on throughout as they work through a variety of, erm, positions.

If you’ve got the stomach, and you’re over 18 of course, you can make your mind up at a specially set up website called Oh and you’ll also have to stump up $9.95 for a one day trial. Scandalous.

Gene Simmons has a long-term partner, the former Playboy model Shannon Tweed. The pair quite clearly enjoy an open relationship.

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