3RDEYEGIRL account also removed
Andrew Trendell

17:21 25th November 2014

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Prince has caused confusion and concern among fans after deleting his Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as many of his videos from Youtube. 

The enigmatic Purple One has also had the Twitter account of his band 3RDEYEGIRL removed too, after touring with them in recent years and releasing album PLECTRUMELECTRUM in 2014. 

The accounts of 3RDEYEGIRL members Donna Grantis and Ida Nielsen remain active, despite not having Tweeted anything in several days. Not only that, but His Royal Badness has also deleted all but three videos from Youtube channel PrinceVevo

Many fans are now speculating as to whether Prince has pulled the plug on the 3RDEYEGIRL project to move on to something new. 

"We're always working on new material," drummer Hannah Ford told Gigwise earlier this year. "We're always rehearsing and jamming so it stays fresh. A lot of what the last few months have been is preparation for the album, talking about how to release it, what we want to do. Now we're preparing for what happens next.

"We recorded a whole lot of new stuff, so we'll see what happens there. 'The vault' exists - it really does."

Many were delighted at the idea that Prince had truly entered the social media age - posting his first selfie online and taking part in a fan Q&A (despite answering only one question)

  • Hannah Ford, drummer: "FKA Twigs. She is out there, man, but it's really cool stuff. Her videos are really cool and her music is so psychedelic and different to what I'm used to. It's really interesting and Prince introduced us to her."

  • Donna Grantis: guitarist: "Prince introduced me to a couple of Miles Davis records, like On The Corner. I'm familiar with his different eras and albums but I hadn't heard those records and they totally blew my mind. Those 70's funk n' jazz sounds were really cool."

  • Hannah: "I've studied a lot of different styles. My dad, as my manager, always stressed on me the importance of versatility as a musician, but rock has always been foundation - so John Bonham as my favourite drummer for my whole life has always affected my sound. Real heavy, real strong, a real heavy right-foot for some strong kick-drum. But at the same time, the studying I did with jazz and Latin music effects my technique and my approach to my rock."

  • Ida Nielsen, bass: "I always liked funk music, so that's really where I come from. What I grew up listening to a lot was Billie Holiday, so that might surprise people. I studied a lot of different styles and the more things you check it, the better you get at everything."

  • Donna: "I'm a huge jazz fan, so I really love John Scofield and Bill Frisell. Even though it's a rock album, we do a tonne of improving in this group. It's where the free-form idea comes in. When we do shows, we play different versions every time we play. Being able to improvise and react is one of those things that I draw upon from my jazz background but in this context."

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