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Holly Frith

12:47 9th August 2011

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Tinie Tempah, Jessie J and Lily Allen are among a host of musicians who have taken to Twitter to express their concerns over the London riots.

The riots in London began on Saturday (August 6) in Tottenham and spread to south London on Sunday (7).

After more violence and looting last night (August 8), Tinie Tempah told fans over Twitter: 'The more riots the more repressive action will take place & the more we face the danger of a right-wing & eventually a fascist society' MLK''

Whilst Jessie J pleaded with fans to try and bring an end to the riots: ''These riots are not cool. Frustrates me that I cant do anything, no one can. Anger being taken out on innocent people and innocent communities is not fair."
Adding: Watching the news. I really dont understand...

I dont get it??!!! Why destoy your own community? Why hurt innocent people. This is NOT how to gain respect. This is NOT how to get justice. This is NOT how to gain peace.''

Lily Allen also took to Twitter, saying: ''people aren't born evil.Yes, these kids might be past the pointof help, but we need to take responsibility for future generations''

Last night (August 8), parts of Hackney, Croydon and Camden were also affected, while violence and looting was reported in Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.

Lily Allen, Calvin Harris and Justin Bieber are among the other musicians who have tweeted about the riots.

Music Stars React On Twitter

  • Calvin Harris: A lot of these kids have role models in music + a lot of these role models are staying quiet. They need to speak the fuck up +help stop this

  • Justin Bieber: "WHOAH. To all the people of the UK I hope you are ok. My prayers go out to you and the amazing people there."

  • Ed Sheeran: "This is all very messed up."

  • Lily Allen: Are we on the brink of civil war or something?

  • Jessie J: "I'm off to the studio. If I can't help physically. I'm going to write about it.

  • Professor Green: "Please take a step back and think of the damage this is doing long term... Please stop harming our own communities. Positives can come from all of this, but why did it take a death to find unity, and then why unite to do wrong? Let's make good of this."

  • Chipmunk: "Prayers are more important than tweets! Spread Love!"

  • Plan B: "Am all out of words"

  • Kaiser Chiefs: "In a 'Handy Mob' on the train. We're all armed with brooms. Least threatening mob ever. One girl has a jay cloth."

  • Kate Nash: "Love you London. This is not what/who we are. Riots and violence are not about community but we are. (Stay safe)."

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