Theo Hutchcraft + Adam Anderson talk about their 'high stakes' new album
Andrew Trendell

16:27 21st July 2015

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"We wanted to express a different side to ourselves," Hurts frontman Theo Hutchcraft tells Gigwise. "Which is fun, because you can't repeat yourself. If you start repeating yourself, then you might as well give up... it's risky - but what is pop music without risk? It's a high stakes game. It's why we got into it - it appeals to that side of our character, that reckless side."

Watch our video interview with Hurts below

It's that fearlessness in the face of pop that has always made Hurts such an exciting prospect - never afraid to follow their whims and take the passion and melodrama of all that they do the Nth degree. What it creates is a frontier of wild extremes between the boundaries of their sound, albeit with a very human thread running through it. That's the essence of Hurts. Their new single 'Some Kind Of Heaven' is no different. 

"As soon as we wrote it, we know it was a big one," says guitarist and synth-player Adam Anderson. Often you can't tell that with your own tunes, but 'Some Kind Of Heaven' we both knew and had a good feeling on the day we wrote it." 

Theo continues: "It just felt like a good opening statement, you know. What we tried to do on this record was try to throw away all of the boundaries that we had previously and that song has got all of the drama and energy of the music we've made before but in chanelled in a different way - it felt like a fun beginning."

Watch our interview with Hurts below

But do such drastic shifts ever impact on what they may think their fans expect of them? 

"All we've ever tried to do is be unique and do what we do and if you collect people along the way, and you can't question it," Theo admits. "This time we wanted to make a bold record that represented how we feel. We're always very honest with our music, emotionally. It is a reflection of the last year of our life. To make a different one to please a certain type of person would have been feigning an emotion."

This interview and photo shoot was shot at L'Escargot in London. 

Watch above as Hurts discuss their 'enigmatic' lifestyle, 'living on the edge of expectations', evolution and the future. 

Hurts release new single 'Some Kind Of Heaven' on Friday 24 July, before their third album Surrender drops on 9 October. 

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Photo: Gigwise/Justine Trickett