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James Dannatt

10:54 28th June 2008

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Metronomy slammed Michael Eavis for promising fine weather and revealed they don’t see what all the hype of Glastonbury festival is about.

The band want to hold Michael Eavis accountable for the unfortunate weather conditions.

Speaking to Gigwise in the Orange Tent about a radio interview where Eavis was quoted as saying there is wall to wall sunshine. Bass player Gabriel said: “It doesn’t matter because I’m having good time – but it’s such blatant lying.”

Oscar was singled out by the band for being a Glastonbury virgin, and a somewhat subdued Oscar quipped: “I haven’t seen any evidence that it’s so special. It sounds really harsh but maybe I will. We don’t want to be ungrateful. I am having a good time.”

Oasis’ Noel Gallagher was next on the agenda for disparaging comments as Joe contemplated the surrounding controversy of Jay-Z’s headline performance.

“What was Noel Gallagher thinking when he was talking about Glastonbury – did he not realise there were other stages.

“Someone like Noel Gallagher doesn’t understand what being a fucking huge r ‘n’ b star. Jay- Z probably had to say, it’s controversial, but he probable had to ask who Noel Gallagher was.”

Pondering the collaborations on stage with Jay-Z the band all agreed that “hopefully it won’t be Chris Martin dressed as Beyonce wiggling his arse.”

The band also took a cheeky pop at the Fun Loving Criminals laughing at their decline in status on the bill as well as Estelle for being more “Jazz lounge” as appose to “Jazz World.”

Following a discussion on what came first – the chicken or the kangaroo - the outfit offered some words of advice telling Gigwise that if you see a sign that looks fancy, chances are they’ve spent all the money on the sign. We will certainly keep that in mind.

Check back with Gigwise for all the gossip from the festival.

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