'Bat Out Of Hell' singer is conduit for ghostly sightings
Adam Tait

12:49 31st March 2013

Cheeky chappy Robbie Williams has always come across as up for anything, but now Meat Loaf has issued an open invitation to the singer to go ghost-hunting with him.

Meat Loaf has apparently been having ghostly experiences since he was a child, and wants Robbie to come with him to hunt out some famous ghosts.

"Robbie should absolutely come ghost-hunting with me,” Meat Loaf told The Sun.

“There are so many places to go - we could head to the old A&M recording studios in LA. They think Charlie Chaplin’s down there.”

He also explained why he was a good ghost-hunting companion.

“There are people they say are conduits, who are more open to it, and so this stuff’s been going on since I was a kid. I’ve seen my mother after she died and my grandmother. I talked to my mother, and she talked back.

“And I’m not crazy, but people would think, ‘He’s crazy’.”

Robbie has been in the news recently after using a blog post to rant against Britpop bands including Suede, Kula Shaka, The Bluetones and Echobelly among others.

Robbie hasn't responded to the open invitation so far

But he later used his podcast to go some way towards apologising, saying that his ‘misguided’ blog was intended to be in defense of pop music, which he feels is overly-criticised.

But yesterday he seemed to be back to slagging off Britpop bands, saying his nan could’ve been in Blur if she got a new haircut.

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Photo: Wenn